Monday, November 19, 2018

Nashville Area Volunteer Spotlight: Cathy and Jim Goodrich - November 2018

Cathy and Jim Goodrich are a power team couple. We caught up with Cathy while she was on deployment for Hurricane Michael, while Jim remained in Nashville to supervise the Disaster Action Team (DAT). The duo are co-leads for the Disaster Services Director. They also serve in the Disaster Services Technology setting up radio communications, and volunteering, for the Safe & Well program thanks to their extensive amateur radio experience, gaining them invaluable skills to help in times of disaster. The pair works like a well-oiled machine. When teaching the amateur radio certification classes for the Red Cross, Jim is the technical guy, and Cathy covers regulations. Thanks to Jim and Cathy three more people have recently been certified in amateur radio, giving three more pairs of hands in times of disaster.

Jim and Cathy are uniquely positioned in the Red Cross to work behind the scenes with Disaster Services Technology, and in front with Disaster Action Team. The radio team required some DAT training, which is how they came to be involved with this branch. After a year of service and dedication, both continue on with the Red Cross. For Jim it is the ability to help someone. For victims of a fire, it is possibly the lowest point of their life, many times losing everything. Jim says for someone who is the survivor of a fire they are in many cases at the lowest point of their life, and just to be able to give them a hand up is a good feeling. It means a lot to Jim to see the expression on their faces, the hug, and the thank you. For Cathy it is also the ability to help, coupled with the ability to learn.

Throughout their experiences they have advice to share with new volunteers. Don’t be afraid to try new things. If after being in a position you discover something different is preferred, it’s ok and the Team Leaders will guide their people to a position they thrive in. Make time in your life for helping our fellow man-kind. The Red Cross understands volunteers have a life, so they work with busy schedules. At some point everyone will need assistance in one way or another, so when possible, get involved in the community and help.

Jim and Cathy plan to stay with the Red Cross, responding to disasters, supporting the Safe & Well program, training people, and building the relationship between the Red Cross and the Amateur Radio Emergency Services (ARES). Thank you for you dedication and service to the Red Cross, Jim and Cathy!

Get to Know Jim and Cathy:
* Are you a coffee or tea person?
Jim: “Coffee – black & strong”
Cathy: “Coffee person. Black straight up.”

* Where is your favorite place to be?
Jim: “Quiet & quality time with family, and on a cruise.”
Cathy: “Nashville. If I have to narrow it down”

* Which music do you like?
Jim and Cathy: “Country without a doubt”

* Which books do you enjoy reading?
Jim: “Don’t read – busy enough!”
Cathy: “Mystery”

* What would surprise others about you?
Jim: “The level that we do emergency communications with the Red Cross would surprise people around them.”
Cathy: “I went on a horseback ride on a mountain. It was so scary. I thought I might fall off, and I’m afraid of heights!’

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