Monday, November 19, 2018

East Tennessee Volunteer Spotlight, Bushra Malaibari - October 2018

Originally from southeastern Michigan, Bushra Malaibari moved to Knoxville in August 2010 to pursue her PhD in Rhetoric at the University of Tennessee.  Since that achievement, she has been education director for the Boys and Girls Club of TN Valley. An active volunteer since 2016, Bushra is ready and willing to lend a hand. She worked the Red Cross tent during the eclipse, joined the first aid team for the 2017-18 UT football season, saved lives with the home fire campaign and helped repaint the East TN Chapter building. Currently, she’s training in fiscal review.  East TN is grateful for her positive ‘can do’ attitude and generosity of spirit. We wanted to share a little bit more about Bushra outside her volunteer role:

What is your favorite word?  Feels that the most important word in any language is "Thank You"

What sound do you love/hate?  Loves the sound of rain falling, dislikes the sound of babies crying

What profession would you like to have if not in your present position?  Would like to be an artist, free to create and be in your own world

Where would you like to live, other than east TN, and why?  Would love to live where she can use the other 3 languages she knows (besides English) - Arabic, French, and Portuguese; Brazil, France, or Switzerland

What natural gift or talent do you wish you had?  Cooking

Who is your favorite musician?  Presently listening to Tchaikovsky, Led Zeppelin, and Aretha Franklin

What historical figure would you like to meet, and why?  Would like to meet Aristotle and get his thoughts on today's social media and interactions via internet

What are you reading currently?  books on Data Management

What is your favorite color?  blue and black

What do you love about being a volunteer at the Red Cross?  Being surrounded by people with big hearts, who want to look out for others and help their fellow man.

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