Monday, July 17, 2017

Tennessee River Volunteer Spotlight, Deborah Dawson - July 2017

The July 2017 Volunteer Spotlight is Deborah Dawson!

Deborah joined the Tennessee River Chapter as a volunteer in the fall of 2016. For several years, Deborah had wanted to volunteer with the American Red Cross, so when she was invited by a volunteer to a Tuesday Volunteer Meeting and Potluck, she jumped at the opportunity. In less than a year, Deborah has volunteered in several areas which include Home Fire Preparedness Campaign, events, reception, and training. She has recently found her niche and settled in as the chapter’s Sheltering Lead.

Deborah spent the greater amount of her life in Texas where she worked as a Caseworker for the aged and disabled. She moved to the Clarksville, Tennessee area to be closer to her family and has truly enjoyed being here. After moving to Tennessee, Deborah worked in real estate for some time.

Deborah says that before she became a volunteer, she only knew what she saw on TV about the Red Cross.  “Now, a world of opportunities has been opened understanding the different lines of service the American Red Cross provides,” she said.  “I continue to volunteer because there are many different opportunities that are rewarding while helping the immediate needs of clients. That’s what motivates me.”

Deborah has taken on the important role of updating all shelter teams throughout our twelve counties with necessary training. She continues to work hard and push through challenges that arise and all while increasing shelter partnerships.

We are beyond grateful for Deborah’s work ethic and leadership skills. She has found a system that works and is putting it in action. Thank you for all you do Deborah, It’s astounding the difference one person can make, our chapter is reaping the benefits because of your work and dedication!

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