Monday, July 17, 2017

Southeast Tennessee Volunteer Spotlight, Vincent Carson - July 2017

Vincent Carson is our June Volunteer Spotlight! Vincent is a retired fire fighter and EMT. After his son joined the military, Vincent had a lot of free time to fill. As soon as a friend mentioned volunteering with the Red Cross, Vincent knew that it was the right job for him. He began volunteering with the American Red Cross in March.

Vincent is a member of the Disaster Action Team and has really enjoyed being a part of this group. He recently deployed to Memphis, TN during the widespread power outages. During this time, Vincent was willing to do whatever was needed to fulfill the Red Cross mission. He had a positive attitude and was excited to step up to do anything that he could to help. Vincent was in Memphis for over a week, and in that time he did a little bit of everything including case-work, logistics, and unloading trucks!

Vincent’s favorite memory of volunteering with the American Red Cross comes from his time in Memphis. Vincent told us that he was incredibly nervous on his first morning in Memphis. He had never deployed before and wasn’t sure what to expect. “Every single person that I met that first morning was just so nice and welcoming,” Vincent said. He immediately felt more comfortable and at-home after talking with his fellow volunteers.

Vincent has worked tirelessly from his very first moment with the American Red Cross. He is a dedicated and committed volunteer whose hard work and optimism are appreciated by everyone around him. He has had such an enormous impact on so many lives already, and we are all extremely grateful. Thank you so much for everything that you do, Vincent!

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