Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Northeast Tennessee Volunteer Spotlight, Ashlee Lynch - June 2017

Many people wonder if they have time to volunteer or give blood to the Red Cross. Ashlee Lynch was one of those people until about two years ago.  A resident of Greene County, Ashlee says she often drove by locations where a blood drive was in progress thinking – “I should stop and give blood – but I’m busy and can give next time”.

As a young mother with a 19 month old child, two part time waitress jobs, and her own photography business to manage,  Ashlee now finds the time not only to give blood but to organize blood drives! Her young child required 6 blood transfusions between 5 months old and 12 months old.  In the future her child may still require more blood transfusions when he becomes ill – even with a cold.  She quickly learned first-hand that you never know when you may need a blood transfusion.   Ashlee organized a very successful blood drive in Greene County soon after her experience hoping to “give back” to the Red Cross. After the successful drive she was asked by Tom Hensley to be the hostess for community blood drives held about every 56 days at the East View Recreation Center in Greeneville.  Ashlee is happy to provide this service for the Red Cross in Greene County because as she says – you never know when you might need blood.

This summer, Ashlee plans to begin a second Red Cross volunteer project.  She plans to educate Greene County residents in disaster preparedness – particularly developing a personal response and home evacuation plan.  After the 2012 tornado in Greene County, it was obvious that many residents needed more planning.

Ashlee is an example of the old saying – “if you want a job done ask a busy person!”   Thanks Ashlee for all you do to help your community.

When asked what message she might have for other Red Crossers – it is to never put off giving blood or developing a personal disaster plan. She says you never know when you may need one or both.  If you’d like to become a member of our team contact the local Red Cross at 423-765-4222.  

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