Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Letter from Mid-West Tennessee Executive Director, David Hicks - August 2016

Hello Mid-West Tennessee chapter volunteers! My name is David Hicks and I’m now serving as the Executive Director of your local chapter alongside Heather Carbajal (our Disaster Program Manager). I’ve had the pleasure of meeting many of you already and am looking forward to spending time with those of you I have not yet met. Please join me for one of the upcoming Monthly Volunteer meetings. I look forward to seeing you there!

It's August and that means back to school for most kids. One of the main focuses that schools now have is community service.  Many older students (high school and college) are mandating volunteer hours.  If you have a child (or know someone who does), I strongly suggest you think about those volunteer hours now . . . and not the day before they are due!

A perfect opportunity for student volunteers is to participate in weekend Home Fire Campaigns that are scheduled throughout the year, particularly in the fall. Also, our Disaster Program Manager- Heather- and our Red Cross volunteers partner with local fire departments to install smoke alarms and work with families to create disaster plans.  Towns and neighborhoods all over the state are participating.  Heather can always use the additional help! Contact your local Red Cross office to get schedules and details.  In Mid- West Tennessee, that's

I look forward to seeing you in the community. Let’s partner together to help save lives!

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