Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Angela Morris Serves New Role with Northeast Tennessee Red Cross

Angela Morris
Volunteers are the heart of the American Red Cross.  They make the delivery of our mission to the communities we serve possible.  Therefore, it only makes sense that we increase our commitment to volunteerism by realigning some employee responsibilities in order to increase our focus on volunteer services.

Angela Morris will be serving as our Volunteer Services Specialist.  After nine years as Community Services Specialist, Angela is a familiar face around the chapter.  She has managed a Social Services program that we administered for the Greater Kingsport United Way as well as coordinating our Community Education program.  In her new role, Angela will focus on the core services of the Red Cross mission which means she will now fill the critical gap in Volunteer Services.

Leading our recruitment efforts, facilitating new volunteer intake, coordinating recognition of volunteers, and overseeing records will be the core of Angela’s responsibilities.  She will work closely with all of us to ensure that we maintain the quality volunteer workforce that is needed to serve our community.

Stop in and take a minute to talk with Angela about her new role.  Or if you prefer, she loves music, movies, books and animals, all of which lend themselves to interesting conversations!

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