Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Letter from Tennessee River Executive Director, Faye Anderson - July 2015

Keeping our Neighbors Safe

The Red Cross continues to serve our communities through our preparedness mission.  Resources like the Red Cross Apps that are available for free download as well as initiatives like the Home Fire Campaign are ways that we can make a difference in how well your family is prepared in case of an emergency.

With technology at an all time high, the addition of the Red Cross Apps has been a huge hit.  The First Aid app alone has 2.6 million downloads. There are apps to alert you of impending whether, apps to help your pet, apps to find a local blood drive, just to name a few.  In this age of technology it is good to know that the American Red Cross has stepped up to the plate to find a way to offer us preparedness and safety tips at a touch of a button. 

The Home Fire Campaign is going strong across our nation.  We partner with organizations for a day of preparedness in which we install smoke detectors, replace batteries and help make an escape plan in case of a fire.  The latest stats are staggering…83,000 alarms installed, 12,000 batteries replaced, 35,000 escape plans completed and a confirmation that these efforts have saved at least 13 people during the year.  This campaign will continue locally in our counties over the next year as we continue our efforts to cut down on fire related deaths.

The Tennessee River Chapter is continuing our mission in our counties to get people prepared for when a disaster strikes.  Our main focus is to make sure each community is equipped with trained volunteers that will show up to help those in their community and beyond when a disaster strikes.   These are people who give their time, talent and treasure and have a love to help those in need.  They “pay it forward” every time they put on that distinctive Red Cross vest.

Take advantage of the lifesaving technology that we have available for you and your family.  Reach out to us if you need a smoke detector or know of someone who needs our help. Play a part in keeping your neighbors safe and help this chapter continue to carry out our preparedness mission. Get involved; make a plan today to start “paying it forward.”

Here is a picture of some of our new volunteers in the Wayne, Lawrence, Giles and Maury county areas!  Welcome aboard…building and continuing our mission one volunteer at a time!

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