Thursday, February 19, 2015

Letter from Mid-West Tennessee Executive Director, Debra Roberson - February 2015

March is Red Cross Month, a time to recognize the country's everyday heroes. We want to recognize Curtis Reichhold. He will begin his 30th year as a volunteer on March 1st. We are very grateful for his dedication and service to our mission. Curt often drives the emergency response vehicle (ERV) and enjoys being involved in feeding events.

We have a canister drive scheduled for March. If any of our volunteers would like to participate, please give us a call. You can participate by assisting us with placing the canisters throughout the community in various places (banks, churches, stores, etc.). We will need to pick the canisters up during the first week of April and return them to the chapter. You may have a group of people to help you with a fundraising project. 

On April 23rd we will be hosting our annual Heroes Luncheon. This event will be held at the Carl Perkins Civic Center. Our guest speaker will be Mr. Paul Andert, a WWII veteran who recalls one of the greatest U.S. military victories ever: the Battle of the Bulge. Army Sgt. Paul Andert had fought in Africa, Sicily and Normandy; the invasion that many felt would break the German war machine and signal the end of World War II. The recently released movie, “Fury”, was written about his life. Brad Pitt played the role of Sgt. Andert in this movie. I hope all of our volunteers will attend this event.  There are many opportunities to volunteer and help with this event. If anyone is interested, please contact our office.

Debra Roberson

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