Thursday, February 19, 2015

Letter from Heart of Tennessee Executive Director, Mike Cowles - February 2015

I hope this letter finds you well; it is hard to believe it is February already.  As most of you know we are experiencing a record amount of growth in our community and our city is very congested.  I am in my office today and see construction going on outside my window.  It is noisy most days here and depending if it rains or not there can be a lot of dust or a lot of mud surrounding us.  Surprisingly through all the noise and obstacles there is a blue jay that is sitting on the ledge outside my window whistling and hollering at his friends.  I tell you this because we all live in a chaotic world and sometimes you need to slow down and look at your surroundings and think about how fortunate we are to be alive in the first place.

We are just a few weeks away from holding our third annual “Heroes Luncheon” on February 25th, 2015 at the Stones River Country Club honoring Gordon Ferguson of Saint Thomas Rutherford Hospital.  Gordon is a pillar in the community and has dedicated his life to make this a better place for others.  Our guest speaker is Tennessee Bureau of Investigation Director Mark Gwyn.  Director Gwyn is our state’s top law enforcement officer and you will not want to miss what he has to say.

This past fall our chapter merged with the chapter based out of McMinnville and our size has grown from 8 counties to 17 counties.  We now stretch from the Alabama/Tennessee line to the Kentucky/Tennessee line.  We need your help; if you are willing to keep a smile on your face and go out in a time of need we have a place for you.  Please give us a call or even better stop by our office and we will find a place for you to fit in among the very best volunteers on the planet.  Have a GREAT DAY!


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