Thursday, January 10, 2019

Nashville Area Volunteer Spotlight: Marion White - January 2019

Our Volunteer Spotlight this month is lighting up Marion White, a receptionist on the front desk of the Disaster Services Office here in Nashville. Originally from Detroit, Marion came here five years ago to “get away from the snow” and to be near her daughter and two of her 15 grandchildren. She enjoys driving to antique shops and salvage stores “to see what I can see,” and collecting recipes, some of which she likes to experiment with. When asked what she likes about working for the Red Cross, Marion replied, “Everything! Hasn’t been a dull moment here yet. I like the people I work with, Kevin Watts, Nancy Pace, Zach Stokes, Arvenia Pillow, Patrice Brown—I just like the whole atmosphere here."

Since she works for the Disaster Services Office, Marion said she’s interested in trying a deployment some time. “They’re teaching me to be a case worker, and I’m thinking about bringing in some spare clothes in case something immediate comes up.” Being a case worker would be a good fit for Marion, since back in Detroit she worked in health care in various hospitals and nursing homes.

She said the one thing she finds surprising about Nashville is the city’s reaction to snow. “When it comes up to your shoestrings, they close Nashville down. Back in Detroit, they don’t even use the word 'blizzard' to describe heavy snow. Up there, if the snow comes up to the doorknob of your front door, you’re still expected to show up for work!”

Congratulations to Marion on being the Volunteer Spotlighter, and long may she be part of the disaster office of the Nashville Area Chapter.

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