Monday, July 17, 2017

Nashville Area Volunteer Spotlight, Rick Loyd - July 2017

The July Volunteer Spotlight is Rick Loyd! After 40 years in federal law enforcement, mostly with the FBI, Rick retired from his career in 2009 and was looking for a way to serve the community when he came across the Red Cross.  Rick discovered that while conducting interviews and taking volunteer classes with the Red Cross, it was essentially everything that he had been doing during his career, so his volunteer position with Disaster Action Services worked out really well.

Rick has now been with the Red Cross for 7 years, joining just before the 2010 Floods in Nashville. Since he began volunteering, Rick has deployed on several disasters.  His disaster role now includes follow-up case work for the Red Cross Nashville Area Chapter.

In addition to volunteering with the Red Cross, Rick enjoys reading, hiking, target shooting, and volunteering with other non-profits in the area.

Rick is a dedicated and passionate volunteer and we are so lucky that he spends his time volunteering with us!

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  1. So honored to work alongside Rick for this great mission!