Monday, July 17, 2017

Heart of Tennessee Volunteer Spotlight, Wendy Bottomley - July 2017

Wendy Bottomley is the Volunteer Spotlight and Volunteer of the Year for the Heart of Tennessee (HOT) Red Cross.  Wendy began her volunteer service with Caney Fork Chapter of the Red Cross and remained when the chapter merged with HOT.  She has been with the Red Cross now for 5 1/2 years.

Wendy was born in Florida and attended the University of Florida (Go ‘Gators!) graduating with a degree in Nursing.  She then enlisted in the Army Nurse Corps spending 10 years on active duty and 18 years in the Army Reserves before retiring from the Army.

After her Army career, Wendy worked for Healthspring in managed care for many years.  When she retired, she found she needed to be intellectually stimulated and began looking for areas in which to become involved.  In addition to the Red Cross she volunteers for the Lions Club, Military Officers Association and as a hospice volunteer.  She plays the piano, gardens and likes to stay physically active by biking and cross fit training.

Wendy brings her many skills to the Red Cross and works for Volunteer Services doing intake for new volunteers.  The applications are done through a national process.  Wendy monitors the applications that are sent to Heart of Tennessee chapter and works to process new volunteers.  She also volunteers on a national level for volunteer services.

Heart of Tennessee Red Cross thanks Wendy for her many hours of service each week in helping new volunteers get started in this rewarding volunteer field!

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  1. Wendy is awesome and we are so grateful for all she does. Plus she just a great lady!