Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Tennessee River Volunteer Submission - June 2017

Spring is a time of renewal, and for some, cleaning. As in, it’s time to deep clean the house, its contents, wash windows, and beat a few rugs outside to remove the dirt and grime and staleness of winter, and to enjoy the fragrant clean air and warmer weather of spring. I’m not sure how much actual “spring cleaning” occurs in today’s world since heating with sooty coal furnaces is mostly a thing of the past. Yet using spring as a time to gear up for summer applies to what we do in the American Red Cross.

In a little less than five weeks, the current fiscal year ends and a new fiscal year begins. The month  of June will be spent reviewing goals to see if they were met, setting goals for the new fiscal year, completing year end Client Assistance Cards inventory, creating or renewing spreadsheets to use in the coming months, renewing service agreements at the chapter level, and generally tying up all the loose ends.

It’s a time of closure and a time of renewal. For the non-organized individual, it may also be a time of stress and trepidation, but it doesn’t need to be. Make a list of what needs to be completed by the end of June, and tackle the items daily, a little at a time. And, yes, there is gratification in crossing “chores” off the proverbial to-do list.

So, while Spring itself makes an early appearance (relative to, say, Maine) in this region, and while we “spring ahead” with Daylight Savings Time, we can still count June as a spring month as a time to get our American Red Cross house ready for the new year.

-Submitted by Jan Thompson, Tennessee River Volunteer

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