Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Tennessee River Volunteer Spotlight, Janet Caperton - June 2017

The Tennessee River Chapter Volunteer Spotlight is Janet Caperton!

Janet has been a volunteer with the Tennessee River Chapter since 1996. Her journey started as a CPR and First Aid instructor and has flourished since the day she started. Janet is now heavily involved with Disaster Cycle Services as a Disaster Action Team Captain in Stewart County, Disaster Assessment, Co DAT Coordinator, and HAM Radio Operator.

Janet has always believed in volunteerism, and she considers herself a career volunteer. Over the years, Janet has worked as a volunteer EMT Firefighter in Stewart County and led a Girl Scout troop for twenty years. She found the Red Cross because of a need she saw in her community and has been an asset to the team ever since.

Janet comes from a military family and says while Stewart County is not where she is from, it has become her home. Together, Janet and her husband have one daughter. They now live on land within the county that has been passed through eight generations and is on the highest hill in Stewart County, “perfect for Amateur Radio”!

Through her endeavors, Janet recalls several memorable moments. During the Clarksville tornadoes, Janet worked tirelessly from the office to coordinate supplies and resources for those in the field. At the same time, she was coordinating food and shelters for members of Stewart County. Because of her superior work, Janet received the Above and Beyond Award. Most recently, Janet has worked the Big Rock flooding and flooding in Sumner County. She also set up a booth for Eagle Fest in Stewart County.

“I am honored to work with the chapter and watch it continue to grow; it seems to get better every year”, said Caperton. “The chapter is evolving for the good”.

We cannot express our depths of gratitude for Janet and the work she continues to do for our chapter. It would be an understatement to say she is an asset to the team. Thank you for your hard work and dedication. It is because of individuals like you that our chapter continues to develop.

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