Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Nashville Area Volunteer Spotlight, Bob Stafford - June 2017

The volunteer spotlight for June 2017 is Bob Stafford! Bob is a kind-hearted, and fun spirited individual who has donated a great amount of time to The Red Cross both locally and statewide. Bob has been a Red Cross volunteer for eight years and is a Disaster Action Team Captain, as well as a Disaster Instructor, Home Fire Campaign Member, and a Logistics Lead for the Nashville Area Chapter.  Since 2013, he has served on over 14 deployments here at home and across the country.

When asked what made him interested in volunteering for the Red Cross, he said, “I had a good life and a good job and so once I retired, I just figured I’d give back. I decided to help the Red Cross because they helped my family.”

When Bob was growing up, his family home was affected by flooding that occurred and his family received help, as well as furniture donations from the Red Cross. Bob said his brother actually still has one of the dresser drawers his family received back from when they were both children.

When Bob is not volunteering for the Red Cross, you can find him fishing, hiking, and cheering on the Tennessee Vols. When asked if there was a message Bob would like to share with anyone, he added, “I think when everyone retires, they should give back to the community and I think the best way to do it is the Red Cross.”

Bob is a hardworking and valued volunteer that we, as well as the state of Tennessee, are so lucky to have!

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  1. Bob is one of our BEST!!!! And he may be our Funniest to boot!