Friday, May 12, 2017

Tennessee River Volunteer Spotlight, James Cauthen - May 2017

James has been a volunteer with the Tennessee River Chapter since April 17th, of this year and has already logged nearly 100 hours!

James came to the Red Cross interested in logistics and has since taken leadership over facilities. When Don Bledsoe, a Tennessee River Chapter volunteer of over 10 years, asked James to join the team, James says he knew it was something he could get behind as he enjoys a good challenge and helping others.

James was born and raised in Arizona and recently moved to Clarksville, Tennessee to be with family. Together, James and his wife have eight children, four girls and four boys. While working with James you can see just how important his family is to him and how much he genuinely wants to be there for them. For forty years, James worked in the trucking industry. His roles included driving, managing freight, and seeing to the safety of over 200 other drivers. It is because of his background that he was so interested in logistics for the Red Cross.

When asked about his prior knowledge or experience with the American Red Cross, James said “I have seen them in action before, and was drawn to the Red Cross because there are no strings attached, just assistance given.”

From everyone at the Tennessee River Chapter, we want to thank James! At every available opportunity, James strives to learn more in turn helping the chapter grow. His dedication, hard work, and positive outlook is inspirational to everyone around him. James is the definition of a Red Cross Volunteer, someone who gives themselves in the face of serving others!

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