Friday, May 12, 2017

Tennessee Region Hosts First ERV Rodeo

The Tennessee Region hosted its inaugural ERV Rodeo, a full-day event centered around Emergency Response Vehicles. The April 29th event had an attendance of over 50 volunteers. New and experienced drivers alike had an opportunity to put their driving skills to the test by going through a competitive driving course. In addition, volunteers were able to learn about proper trailer pulling procedures, yard dog operations, ERV inspections, and tour the Next Generation ERV. The event was designed to engage existing drivers and recruit new ones through meaningful training and individualized coaching in a fun, team-building environment.

ERV drivers are crucial to the disaster response mission. They are usually the first ones that communities see after devastation strikes and the ERVs are recognized as beacons of hope; bringing relief supplies and/or food. We were happy to have such a successful turnout and to crown a brand new volunteer as our ERV Rodeo Winner – Anne Rowland, from the Heart of Tennessee chapter.

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