Thursday, May 11, 2017

Southeast Tennessee Volunteer Spotlight, Ken Cox - May 2017

This month’s volunteer of the month is Ken Cox! Ken has been a consistent reliable volunteer for multiple disaster services positions. One of the volunteer’s that nominated Ken said “Ken is a very faithful volunteer and always so eager to help in any way needed.  He's more than happy to wear many hats and that is so appreciated.”

Ken is very enthusiastic to help where he is needed and is a great asset to our volunteer team.
When asked why he volunteers, Ken said “I think that it’s important to be able to give back to people and I enjoy being able to help people. Red Cross gives me that opportunity and it’s a very gratifying job.”

Ken just recently retired and joined the Red Cross in September 2016.  Although he is still fairly new to the volunteer team, he jumped right in and became involved immediately. Since starting 6 months ago, Ken has deployed to Hurricane Matthew, the Gatlinburg Wildfires, and the Chattanooga tornadoes, working with various positions. Deploying is one of his favorite parts of volunteering with the Red Cross.

One of Ken’s favorite memories was deploying to Hurricane Matthew, where he met another volunteer who was also new and they were able to learn quickly together how to set up and work a shelter. He talked about how relieved the fellow Red Cross volunteer was when Ken and his ERV partner showed up to the shelter location.

Ken supports the Red Cross because everyone needs help and he enjoys being able to help people through the Red Cross.

We appreciate all you do, Ken, and we are so thankful for your willingness and dedication. You are a very important part of our volunteer team in Southeast TN!

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