Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Tennessee River Volunteer Spotlight, Jack Hunter - April 2017

Jack Hunter has been a volunteer with the Tennessee River Chapter since 2013. He came to the Red Cross interested in Disaster Services Technology (DST) and over the past year has lead the way for DAT dispatch. He joined the Red Cross when John Freed a fellow Amateur Radio member encouraged him to be a part of DST.

Jack says, “John found me at the right place and the right time as I was looking for something to do to give back to the community.”

Jack is originally from Texas, although he says he’s lived everywhere except there. His military career in the Army took him around the world to a new location every eighteen months. While in the Army, he worked in both communications and counter intelligence until he retired after twenty years of service. In addition to his military career, Jack has a background in computers, radio, telephone, and technical support. After retiring, Jack went on as a contractor with the State Department and then to work with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF).

When asked about his experience with the American Red Cross throughout his military career, Jack states “I was fortunate enough to not need the services, but came across those that did, and the Red Cross did a fantastic job at issuing emergency calls for those people.”

Here at the Tennessee River Chapter, we have been so grateful for Jack’s expertise in DST! When our chapter was introduced to the DAT dispatch program, Jack didn’t hesitate when asked to lead the way. For over a year, Jack’s work provided vital feedback in progression of the dispatch system.
Jack has been deployed one time for the Texas floods. On his deployment he was tasked with network support and maintaining the ERV radios. Jack says the scope of the disaster was truly an eye opener as it covered such a large area. He was on a team with 22 other DST volunteers at a one of three disaster operation centers comprised of 200 people.

Unfortunately for our chapter, Jack will be moving to Pennsylvania to live with his daughter in the near future. Luckily for the American Red Cross, Jack says he plans to continue volunteering with the local chapter in Pennsylvania because it’s a way to support something he believes in and that he feels he has a service he can provide to the American Red Cross.

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