Monday, April 10, 2017

East Tennessee Volunteer Spotlight, Jacqueline Bridgeman - April 2017

Jacqueline “Jackie” Bridgeman is the April “Volunteer in the Spotlight” for the East Tennessee Chapter. She been a Red Cross volunteer in the East Tennessee Chapter for 5 years and has logged over 1,640 hours working with veterans and families of active military. Jackie has served in the role as SAF Volunteer Lead for going on three years. She is in responsible for supporting East Tennessee SAF Volunteers and follows up with new potential SAF volunteers, as well as distributing a monthly calendar of all SAF events.

Last year, Jackie attended and supported over 100 military/veterans events, family days, yellow ribbon, pre deployment and post deployment events within the community. In addition, she regularly leads volunteers that attend our monthly Ben Atchley Veterans Nursing Home event. Jackie also represents the Red Cross at the monthly East Tennessee Military Affairs Council meeting that usually takes place at the Knoxville Chamber of Commerce office.

Jackie recently represented the Red Cross by joining East Tennessee Vietnam Veterans for 7-10 trip to Vietnam.

The East Tennessee American Red Cross, along with every military family in the region, is incredibly fortunate to have a volunteer of this caliber whom is so dedicated to making a difference to those that have served and currently serve this country.

Thank YOU, Jacqueline, for your dedication and service to this community!

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