Friday, March 17, 2017

Southeast Tennessee Volunteer of the Month, March 2017: Tom Mainor

Congratulations to Tom Mainor, our March Volunteer of the Month this month!

Tom is a very dedicated volunteer that covers not only response in his community, but often neighboring communities.  Tom is extremely humble and kind to everyone.  He works with new volunteers to help them learn the ropes and is willing to help however he is needed.

After Tom retired as a forester, he wanted something worthwhile to do and started dedicating some time to the Red Cross. He has now been a volunteer for about 5 years! Tom is the Disaster Action Team (DAT) captain for Ray County. On the DAT team, he tag-teams with other volunteers, including his wife, responding to home fires. His responsibilities include delegating resources to help disaster victims buy food and clothing, assist in arranging a place to stay if needed, writing referrals to charitable groups for additional supplies, and giving comfort items. He has participated in local community service events such as smoke alarm installation in the county, the home show in Chattanooga, and keeping shelters established in his county.

Tom has also been on several deployments: three hurricane deployments (Isaac, Sandy, Matthew), Gatlinburg wildfires, and the Athens tornadoes. Tom’s his willingness to assist those in need at all hours is so appreciated! His kindness in heartbreaking situations helps everyone. Thank you, Tom!

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