Monday, March 13, 2017

Letter from Tennessee River Chapter: Greg King, Regional COO - March 2017

I have had the privilege to serve in the not for profit world for more than two decades.  One common theme throughout my career that has never ceased to amaze me, is the power of volunteers.  As we all know, we went without a  Disaster Program Manager and Executive Director in the Tennessee River Chapter for several months.  In most chapters, this would paralyze the local operation.  Not true in the Tennessee River Chapter.

I have witnessed and had the pleasure of working with an extraordinary group of volunteers.   The volunteer leadership team of the Tennessee River Chapter is an amazing group.  They exemplify the volunteer spirit this state is famous for.  See it, own it, do it, is their mantra.  Our volunteer base has fully run the chapter and accepted complete ownership and responsibility.  What an amazing thing to see!  The chapter has not missed a beat due to the dedication and power of our volunteers.

There are two volunteers in particular I want to recognize.  Ron Lanfear and Jan Thompson.  Ron and Jan have gone above and beyond the call of duty for volunteer.  Both have taken on huge amounts of responsibility and performed magnificently in running our chapter.  Thanks Ron and Jan for your leadership!

A motivated group of volunteers is one of the most powerful forces on the planet.  One of the strongest groups, is based in the Tennessee River Chapter.   I am humbled to work alongside each of you.

With Appreciation,

Greg King
Regional COO

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