Monday, March 13, 2017

Letter from Northeast Tennessee Executive Director, Glenda Bobalik - March 2017

What a wonderful time of year!  As we move through March and into April, we are watching the renewal of the world around us.  The sunshine feels warm, the flowers bring a smile, and challenges seem to become manageable.  At the Red Cross, we add the enjoyment of celebration brought by March as Red Cross Month and the Volunteer Appreciation events of April.

I often feel that the celebration of both Red Cross Month and Volunteer Appreciation Month perfectly align. Without the wonderful volunteers who give their time so selflessly, we would not have a Red Cross to celebrate.

Thanking a group of volunteers for their service a few days ago, I felt once again that my words seem so inadequate.  How can I express the amazement I feel as I look at the generous people who give so much to help other people? I have decided that there are no words more impactful than the simple “thank you” that I offer now.

Thank you for making our organization one that cares.

Thank you for giving your time to serve others.

Thank you for getting up when you are tired and cold to go help someone in need.

Thank you for listening to a veteran tell their story of service.

Thank you for teaching a 10-year-old the magic of a Pillowcase Project.

Thank you for giving your Saturday morning to install smoke alarms and build a safer community.

Thank you for answering the phone and helping someone find the assistance they need.

Thank you for presenting preparedness tips to a civic club.

Thank you for maintaining our equipment so that we are ready to respond.

Thank you for building relationships in the community so that we can work cooperatively with others.

Thank you for delivering thank you cards to veterans in nursing homes.

Thank you for teaching CPR/First Aid skills to our community.

Thank you for all that you do to deliver the services of the American Red Cross to the residents of Northeast Tennessee.


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