Monday, November 14, 2016

Following Home Fire, Nashville Family Turns to Red Cross for Support

Dorothy Beasley was busy at work when she learned that her Nashville home was on fire.

Taking a phone call from neighbors, Beasley was stunned to hear about the smoke pouring out of her house. None of her family was home, but the fire damage—caused by the kitchen stove, which had unknowingly been left on earlier that October day—was so severe that they could no longer live there.

Stripped of her home and belongings, Beasley needed to figure out where she and her loved ones would sleep, how they would get their next meal.

Bobby Young, disaster program specialist, and Dorothy Beasley
“I’m used to taking care of myself and not relying on others,’” said Beasley, who lives with her disabled son and five grandchildren. “But my friends and family said, ‘Let go of your pride and allow others to help.’”

They referred her to the American Red Cross for support. Meeting one-on-one with a Red Cross disaster program specialist, Beasley received financial assistance to help cover her family’s immediate needs and began developing a plan for their recovery.

“I didn't realize the Red Cross helps people after home fires,” she said. “Some of my coworkers and friends told me to reach out to the Red Cross for assistance. I was reluctant at first, but I’m glad I did. You are a blessing.”

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