Friday, October 14, 2016

Southeast Tennessee Volunteer of the Month, Mark Windon - September 2016

Our September volunteer of the month is Mark Windon. He has volunteered with facilities and disaster services for about a year now and is always a reliable volunteer. Originally from Pennsylvania, Mark now resides in the Harrison area. He came to the area after serving in the Air Force and has stayed in the area for about 29 years. By day, Mark is a warehouse supervisor and also serves as a Priest for the Anglican Church USA. He is a huge believer in giving back to the community.

His road to the Red Cross has led him over many years to many different volunteer programs.  He spent years searching for an organization where he could serve in the ways he wanted and find an organization that utilized his skills. He came on board with the Red Cross as the incident with the serviceman shooting last July was wrapping up. He worked with the families, and being at the National Cemetery for those funerals left an impression on him. The Red Cross was actively working in the background without using the occasion to build themselves up: “they take care of what needs to be taken care of: first and foremost helping people. That impressed me.”

Now, Mark volunteers regularly as the facilities lead and also serves as the lead for the spiritual care team at the Red Cross, all while participating in community activities and with Armed Forces group. He finds the Red Cross to be very user-friendly and he is a great advocate, inviting others to contribute as well.

Mark believes the Red Cross does so much for so many people, and he enjoys being there to help wherever help is needed. His deep beliefs in participating in community service are rooted in his spiritual perspective. He aims to be a disciple of Christ- to walk that walk, to do what He did, and to be involved helping people in their worst moments. Getting out and getting involved is a lifestyle for Mark and he has shown that he is willing to step up and help!

Thank you, Mark!

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