Friday, October 14, 2016

Letter from East Tennessee Executive Director, Michelle Hankes - October 2016

How did it get to be October already?  Really?

October is Fire Prevention Month.  Yes, every month is some kind of month, but let me point out that Tennessee is one of the highest ranking states for fire deaths and injuries. When I look at prior year fire reports I can tell you the very day it got cold enough in East Tennessee for people to turn on their heaters, because calls for home fires sky rocket that day.  Immediately.

What's upsetting is that so many of these fires could have been prevented by doing some early maintenance on units.  Are filters and pilot lights and all the other parts of the heating implement working correctly?  Are the dust balls swept clear?  Are fire extinguishers ready to go?  Are the smoke alarms in working order and younger than ten years?

This isn't just a "nice to do" kind of thing, but a "save the lives of your family" kind of deal.  I know Red Cross volunteers are ready to help anyone, anytime and anywhere, but I think we can all agree that not having a fire at all is the best option.  Take care of yourselves, and if you can, check on your neighbors and relatives who might not be able to do so themselves.

In this way we can all enjoy a happy autumn!

Michelle Hankes
Executive Director

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