Monday, September 12, 2016

Southeast Tennessee Volunteer of the Month, Rod Davis - August 2016

Congratulations to our longtime volunteer, Rod Davis, on being the August Volunteer of the Month. Rod has been working with Disaster Cycle Services and Preparedness Health and Safety for 20 years. He has been on multiple deployments, taught CPR to community members and his two sons, and responded to countless house fires. Rod believes there are many community members in need and it is his responsibility to be a part of an organization that helps others. During his time with the Red Cross he has made countless friends and has several memorable stories.

One of his most notable American Red Cross stories happened earlier this month. Rod, who works for a construction company, was working on a house with his sons, Marcus and Nicholas, and joking around with Mr. Farris, the homeowner. Rod stepped outside to cut a piece of wood when Marcus ran outside to say that Mr. Farris was showing signs of having a heart attack. Rod, Marcus, and Nicholas immediately sprang into action and began performing CPR on Mr. Farris after calling 911. Rod did CPR for about 15 minutes stopping twice because Mr. Farris came into consciousness until emergency personnel arrived and delivered AED shocks. This brought his heart back to a normal rhythm and he was immediately taken to a hospital.

A doctor said that it was a miracle that Mr. Farris was alive and although the chances of survival even with CPR were only 20 percent, it likely saved his life. Rod has continued to stay in contact with Mr. Farris and he checks on him every other day. Rod is thankful that he and his kids were taught lifesaving American Red Cross skills, and that the three of them were able to be there for Mr. Farris in his time of need. Mr. and Mrs. Farris are extremely thankful to Rod for what he was able to do for them and have even asked him to teach CPR to them so they will know what to do if they are ever in a situation again where they need to.

This is just one story that Rod has from his time with American Red Cross. When asked why he volunteers he states “No money in the world could keep me from helping people in the Red Cross. The same people we assist, we may need their help one day, you never know. During our community tragedies, some of the people I had met on deployments were there. I felt like all those years I volunteered came around full circle.”

Thank you for all you do Rod, we appreciate you and thank you for using your American Red Cross skills to save Mr. Farris’s life!

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