Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Southeast Tennessee Volunteer of the Month, Amy Dickerson - July 2016

Congratulations to Amy Dickerson, the July 2016 Volunteer of the Month for the American Red Cross of Southeast Tennessee. Amy Dickerson is originally from Meridian, Mississippi and now resides in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

On July 16, 2015, many people were heavily affected by the shooting that took place in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Amy was moved to volunteer. Since then, she has been a consistent contributor to the American Red Cross and is fully engaged in providing assistance in any way possible. With her background in nursing, she has been a great addition to the American Red Cross. She helps by assisting new nurses in the proper training techniques and she does a great job. She has held the position of Health Services Nurse and was recently promoted as the Chapter Lead of Disaster Health Services.

Amy appreciates the mission of American Red Cross and what it stands for. She genuinely cares about the needs of others and her passion for people is evident in her daily interactions. Amy is not only compassionate and caring, but she also portrays phenomenal leadership skills. She is a well-rounded contributor and a hard-worker at every task that comes in her direction. She is highly organized, very punctual, and always providing positive feedback and harmony to situations at hand. She is thoughtful and includes her input and insight and is always eager and willing to help with whatever is needed at the time.

Jamie Lewis, Disaster Program Manager of American Red Cross of Southeast Tennessee Chapter, said, “I think very highly of Amy! Sometimes you have exceptional leaders and sometimes you have exceptional people. Amy has both of these unique features and that is a very rare thing to find! She is a compassionate leader.”

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