Monday, April 11, 2016

Letter from Tennessee River Executive Director, Faye Anderson - April 2016

Beauty in Motion

April is a time for new beginnings. With the beauty of April comes a feeling of excitement as our Red Cross chapter continues moving forward with our mission. We have new volunteers willing to give, learn, and grow with us through this process. New relationships with community partners are growing as they take on our vision in the community. Our dedicated volunteers are keeping a watchful eye on the weather and are ready to respond as needed in their communities.

The TN River chapter covers a large area, 12 counties plus Fort Campbell, and a population of around 485,000 individuals. It is a big job, a huge responsibility, but is it worth the challenge. I get to watch every day as both our new and seasoned volunteers embrace their communities! As we work toward having two Disaster Action Teams in each of our counties, we continue to serve with our mission in mind all the way down to the Alabama state line. 

With the sights and sounds of a new season, come  a new commitment and a new zest for helping this organization stay strong not only today but in the future. As I watch the flowers bloom, I’m reminded of the beauty of the mission of the Red Cross. Each petal representing a line of service, but together as a whole, “One Red Cross,” one beautiful, fragrant flower!

There is nothing more beautiful than the flowers that bloom this time of year except for this: Seeing the hearts that open up and share the mission with those in need….now that is beauty in motion!!

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