Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Letter from Mid-West Tennessee Executive Director, Debra Roberson - January 2016

As we begin this New Year, I want to share with you something that was said many years ago by the speaker at a meeting I attended.  “There is a bond between us that makes us brothers. No one walks a road alone. Whatever you put into the lives of others will surely come back into your own.”  I think of this often when I am trying to help others and to do something for someone in need.  At the Red Cross, our volunteers are always ready to keep those affected by disaster from walking the road alone.  The Mid-West Tennessee Chapter volunteers proved this during the holidays when many of them left their families and deployed to help others in response to the storms that hit on December 23rd.  We are very proud of our volunteers and want to thank you again for your dedication to the Red Cross mission.

The Mid-West TN Chapter will be relocating into our new facility at 19 Stonecreek Circle here in Jackson during the month of February.   The renovation of the facility is progressing a little ahead of the proposed schedule, so I will send an alert out about our moving date as we create our relocation timeline.  If you are available to assist in this move please notify me.

If you haven’t made a New Year Resolution, I hope you will include increasing your volunteer hours at the Mid-West TN Chapter in your plans.  I also want to encourage everyone to attend the monthly volunteer meetings and invite others.  Together we can build a strong team in 2016.

Debra Roberson
Executive Director

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