Friday, November 6, 2015

Letter from Northeast Tennessee Executive Director, Glenda Bobalik - November 2015

Did you remember?

On November 1st, we “fell back” in time as daylight savings time ended.  This is the traditional time to also change the batteries in your smoke alarms.  Remembering to change the time on our clocks got us to work on time Monday morning.  Remembering to change the batteries in our smoke alarms saves our lives!  If you forgot, be sure that today is the day you remember to be safe.

Our Home Fire Preparedness campaign continues on.  As we work to install smoke alarms for the second year of our five year initiative to reduce injury and death from fires by 25%, we must stay diligent, participate, and spread the word to our network of friends and family.  The next “Campaign Saturdays” in Northeast Tennessee will be November 14th in Rogersville and in Tusculum on November 21st.  We are partnering with the Rogersville and Tusculum Fire Departments to make communities safer by checking alarms already installed, changing batteries and installing alarms where needed.  In addition, we are talking with residents about developing and practicing their plan in case of fire.  

In the past few months, people in our communities have lost their lives in house fires.  Help us reduce the times when we hear a news story describing the loss of someone’s loved one due to a fire in their home.  Smoke alarms give us a chance to get out safely.  Together we can increase the number of residents in Northeast Tennessee who have the warning they need.

Please mark your calendar now to meet us at 9:30 am on November 14th in Rogersville and/ or November 21st in Tusculum.  The event ends at 1 pm after we provide your lunch.  We work in teams so consider bringing friends to join as well.  Just call or email Dawn Day so we have supplies for you.  423-765-4129 or

Just yesterday, volunteers responded to a fire.  They provided assistance to meet the family’s emergency needs.  The Red Cross has been doing this in our communities for a long time.  We continue today to assist those affected by disaster, however, we are now working even harder to be prepared before the disaster happens.  Join the team of volunteers working to install smoke alarms and educate people on the value of making a plan for themselves and their family.

And, by the way, check out your smoke alarms and ask your friends and family to do the same!


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