Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Letter from Tennessee River Executive Director, Faye Anderson - September 2015

Faye Anderson
Words from the Heart

I am always amazed at the spirit of volunteerism that flows through the Tennessee River Chapter!  I wanted to capture the thoughts of one of our dedicated volunteers, so I asked Charamagne Myers to share her experiences as a Red Cross volunteer.  So here goes…straight from her heart!

What does it mean to volunteer? There is no right or wrong answer, and it generates a different response from each individual. However, the common ground that unites volunteers is always the same. It is the spirit of giving back and doing something greater for the course of humanity. Despite the challenges and hardships, the spirit of a volunteer always rises to the occasion and perseveres. The American Red Cross truly encompasses the heart of a volunteer, and captures that spirit. A volunteer at the Red Cross can expect to be encouraged, challenged, and utilized to their full potential in order to fulfill the mission. Every day is a new adventure with a chance to impact another’s life in a truly positive way.

Since becoming a Red Cross volunteer, I am convinced that there is no better way to make use of one’s time. Initially, I chose to volunteer in order to explore a career and add experience to my resume. I expected to learn and grow both my life skills, as well as my career. What I did not expect was to be welcomed by a dedicated team of professionals who are willing to invest in a long term commitment for each volunteer that walks through their doors. The relationships that are developed among volunteers and staff, serves to further enhance the dedication to each of their clients. There is a reciprocating relationship that completes the process, enabling the American Red Cross to move forward with its mission of alleviating human suffering. Victims of disaster can be assured that the American Red Cross will show up to offer hope through a dedicated group of unified hands. As part of this group, I now see an opportunity to give back to others with the gifts and talents I have been given. The American Red Cross provides each volunteer that opportunity.

I am happy to say that my initial reason for coming to the chapter has been fulfilled, and yet, I am compelled to carry on in true volunteer fashion. It is about the mission, the relationships, and the need to help our neighbors that greatly matters. The spirit of giving back and paying it forward is truly what makes the American Red Cross a great organization in which I am proud to continually serve as a dedicated volunteer. 

Charamagne Myers

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