Thursday, August 6, 2015

Talk with Your Children About Fire Safety

According to a recent Red Cross survey, most parents (69 percent) believe their children would know what to do or how to escape a burning home with no help. However, less than half of parents have talked to their families about fire safety and less than 10% of families have actually practiced home fire drills. That false sense of security can put families at risk. The Red Cross recommends that adults:

• Keep matches, lighters and other ignitable substances in a secured location out of the reach of children.
• Always dress children in pajamas that meet federal flammability standards. Avoid loose-fitting, 100-percent cotton garments.
• Develop and practice your home fire escape plan with your children at least twice a year.
• Familiarize children with the sound of your smoke alarm and teach them what to do when they hear it.
• Teach your children not to be afraid of firefighters. Take them to your local fire department to meet them, see the gear they wear, and learn about fire safety and prevention.
• Teach your children to tell you or a responsible adult when they find matches or lighters at home or school.
• Check under beds and in closets for burnt matches; evidence your child may be playing with fire.
• Install smoke alarms on every level of your home, inside bedrooms and outside sleeping areas. Having a working smoke alarm reduces the risk of dying in a home fire by nearly half.

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