Thursday, August 6, 2015

Letter from Tennessee River Executive Director, Faye Anderson - August 2015

"Moving Forward."

How many times have we said these words and used them to create some kind of change in our lives?  Movement always creates some type of motion and in turn some type of change.  Change is a way to prove that there is excitement in the air…that something out of the ordinary is going to happen.

So many times things happen that will make us act, make us change, and in turn create a sense of urgency.  For our chapter this urgency came in the wee hours of the morning when we lost two precious children in a house fire.  Plans for a home fire campaign began to fall together at a greater pace. Before we knew it we were out in the same neighborhood where these children lived and played going door to door offering free smoke alarms to those who needed them.  Our volunteers and partners not only installed new detectors but they spoke to the families about a plan to get out of the house in case of an emergency.  From the time a fire begins we only have two minutes to react. Two minutes to move, our lives and the lives of those we love depend on this movement.

Moving forward, our chapter will make it our mission to install smoke alarms in homes all across the twelve counties that we serve. There are lives that are being saved all across this nation due to this campaign.  Our volunteers will put on that distinctive red vest and hit the streets!

Pictured are some of our volunteers that came out that day and played a huge role in the beginning of a campaign that will keep our chapter in constant movement all year.  Our goal?  To change our urgency and move forward with all the love and compassion that every volunteer has inside of them.  You better believe that the Tennessee River Chapter will continue to “move forward” in our mission of saving lives in these communities!

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