Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Letter from Northeast Tennessee Executive Director, Glenda Bobalik - August 2015

I was reminded yesterday morning how quickly summer is flying by when a friend mentioned her child starting back to school.  It is amazing how fast this busy time of year goes by.

Then last night, I was reminded again of how quickly time flies as we had our All-Volunteer meeting and kicked off our Home Fire Campaign.  National Fire Safety week is October 4 – 11 and is quickly approaching! 

Seven times a day someone in this country dies in a home fire.  Four times, in the last three months, someone in our area has died in a home fire.  Smoke alarms cut the risk of death in a fire in half.  It is time to take action!

The American Red Cross has launched a five year campaign to lower the number of deaths due to fire by 25%.  We are joining fire departments and community groups to canvass neighborhoods, install smoke alarms, and deliver fire prevention information.  The Tennessee State Fire Marshal is partnering with us so that our efforts are directed to the areas of highest risk.

As we go door to door through our communities asking our neighbors to install smoke alarms, test existing alarms and practice preparedness plans, we also need to take time to check our own homes, update our plans, and get prepared! 

Install smoke alarms on every level of your home.  Fire experts state that you have as little as two minutes to escape a home fire.  Many people believe they have as much as 10 minutes!  That is a dangerous misconception.  Practice your plan to exit your home and get the time below 2 minutes. 
Last fall, volunteers in Northeast Tennessee joined with fire departments and installed 208 smoke alarms.  This year, our goal is to install 800.  We are committed to reducing the loss of life in our communities and we need your help.  First, check your home and be sure you have smoke alarms and a plan.  Second, watch for dates and times of when volunteers are needed to distribute smoke alarms.

Join in the Home Fire Campaign!  Be part of making our communities safer.


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