Friday, August 7, 2015

Letter from Heart of Tennessee Executive Director, Mike Cowles - August 2015


Wow!!  Is it me or did summer just fly by?  I cannot believe that my boys are back in school, and even harder to believe is that I have a kid in high school now.  Time sure does fly by quickly. 

You know what else happens quickly?  A disaster.  Are you prepared?  The American Red Cross encourages everyone to have a plan on how you will survive a disaster.  Whether it is a natural disaster or manmade disaster, you should be prepared for the worst hoping for the best.  Below are few items you should have in the event of an emergency.

•    Rubbermaid box for storage of supplies
•    Bottled water
•    Flashlight with extra batteries
•    Nonperishable food
•    Gloves
•    Paper towels
•    Lantern
•    Wind up radio
•    Extra money
•    First aid kit

It is not a bad idea to keep a kit offsite as well, because your home and belongings could be destroyed.  I have a disaster kit at home as well as at my mini-storage unit.  Downloading our free Red Cross apps could also make a difference when disaster strikes.

As summer comes to a close I would like to remind you that school has begun.  Please be aware of your surroundings and take extra precautions around school zones.  Drive the speed limit, watch for crossing guards and be cautious when around school bus stops and school sporting events.  I would be remorse if I didn’t encourage you to recommend our Babysitting Training Courses here at the Red Cross to those young folks who take care of our children.  As always, I invite you to stop by our office and see where you fit in amongst the finest volunteers that continue to make a difference in the lives of others.


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