Friday, April 10, 2015

Letter from Heart of Tennessee Executive Director, Mike Cowles - April 2015

Is spring really here?  It’s hard to tell but I am sure looking forward to warmer weather.  As we all know, this is the time of year when the trees and flowers are putting on buds, the birds are singing a little earlier in the morning, the days are getting brighter, kids have been on spring break and storms are more likely to appear.  

Are you prepared?  

My family is prepared. We have a Rubbermaid tote on standby with flashlights and fresh batteries, bottled water, a small amount of snacks, a first aid kit, sleeping bags, propane camp stove, utensils and more.  No matter how prepared, there is always something we forget and I encourage each of you to take time this spring to put a kit together that will help you in case of emergency.  

Know where the safest place in your home is, and if you have children, show them where to go before and after a storm.  Make sure you know where your pets are and educate you neighbors on being prepared.  Getting to know your neighbors should be a priority so you can help each other when faced with a disaster.  My kids feel safe knowing that if “Mom and Dad” are injured or trapped they can go find a neighbor that can help.

One of the best things you can do for yourself and the community is to know your surroundings and to always be prepared for the unexpected.  Take some time this month and stop by our office and let us talk to you about the Red Cross and all the opportunities we offer.


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