Thursday, February 26, 2015

Why I Help - Volunteer Denisha White

Denisha White, American Red Cross of the Nashville Area, Nashville, TN
By Monique Gooch, Red Cross Volunteer Journalist

Denisha White works to help alleviate suffering. She does this as a volunteer for the American Red Cross at its chapter for the Nashville, Tennessee area. She has been a volunteer for about 10 years. In that time, White has come to realize the value of volunteering. She says that she feels humbled whenever she hears words of gratitude from others that she has helped.

White enjoys being a part of an effort that has a big impact on others’ lives. She does various tasks at her Red Cross chapter. She teaches babysitting courses, CPR, AED, and First Aid classes, especially for first responders. White is a supervisor in Disaster Services for Training, Shelter, Client Casework, and Disaster Assessment. In addition, she is the service lead to the Armed Forces for Nashville area. White also participates in Youth Volunteers’ activities, as well as Preparedness Education and International Services events.

All seven fundamental principles – humanity; impartiality; neutrality; independence; voluntary service; unity; and universality - are morals that cherish all human life and honor those in the voluntary relief movement. White is motivated to keep volunteering because of the disaster relief goals and these seven fundamental principles that the American Red Cross holds dear.

Of all the volunteer work she has participated in, the Holiday Mail for Heroes program is one of the most enjoyable, memorable volunteer experiences for White. "I get to work with other volunteers from other lines of services, and get to pass out cards to veterans and active duty military personnel and their families at the VA and [other] events," she enthused.

The Red Cross mission strives to prevent and alleviate human suffering through the dedicated acts of its staff and volunteer force. It’s a goal that White believes in one hundred percent. Disaster after disaster, the Red Cross makes sure its people are there lending the victims a helping hand. White commented, “We are there when people need us most.”

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