Thursday, February 19, 2015

Letter from East Tennessee Executive Director Michelle Hankes, February 2015

Cold weather, snow storms, and spring storms are in the forecast, leading to people in our counties needing Red Cross services. The best way to deal with a disaster is to prevent it or prepare ahead of time, and the Red Cross has many tools and resources to help you.

Red Cross apps are available in 12 areas, including First Aid, Tornado, Swimming, Shelter Finder, Earthquake, and more. Activating the locator function on your phone settings will allow you to be warned about impending dangerous storms, even if you are traveling. Share this with your loved ones. You could save a life!

Additionally, we are saving lives across our chapter with our Home Fire Campaign program, which has included installing new smoke alarms or replacing batteries in at-risk neighborhoods. Kudos to the hundreds of volunteers who have gone from house to house, apartment to apartment, serving their neighbors.

Be sure to check out the latest listing of courses being offered across the state. Things are happening! Don't be left behind!

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