Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Meet Our Interns

We are excited to introduce you to three new faces at the Heart of Tennessee chapter! Say, "hello," to our fabulous interns:

Erika Yebuah

Greetings, everyone! I attend Middle Tennessee State University, where I am a graduate student studying health and human performance. My long-term goal in life is to one day operate my own orphanage in Ghana, West Africa and my passion is helping orphaned children. Ever since I can remember, I have always had a heart for children and their well-being.

I recently joined the Red Cross family this year as an intern and volunteer in the Disaster Cycle Services department. The organization has allowed me to see the behind-the-scenes processes and has shown me what goes on during a disaster and how the Red Cross works with the local community to come together to assist those in need.

While here, I have assisted with various tasks. Some of the activities I have done are; planning fundraising events, accountability in finances, great organizational and communication skills and disaster relief aid. All in all, my internship has shown me how to run an organization, and the patience and skills needed to be successful in not only running an organization, but having longevity and networks within the community.

This opportunity has been incredible for me. I am a small-town girl from Smyrna, TN, and I have really enjoyed being a part of the American Red Cross, a respected organization that is internationally known.

Lauren Fort

Hi! My name is Lauren Fort and I am 22 years old and a 2014 graduate from Middle Tennessee State University. When I graduate, I will have a degree in Family and Consumer Science with concentration in Child Development and Family Studies. I joined the American Red Cross as an intern for 300 hours. I decided to work with the Red Cross because I have always admired what all they do not only locally and nationally, but internationally as well.

I have done a variety of things during the course of my internship and have gotten the opportunity to meet and work with a lot of awesome people! I’ve helped to work on community recognition projects such as the Heroes Luncheon, Heroes Breakfast and Mash Bash. I’ve also gotten to know many of the volunteers and worked with them on shelter updates and gone out to a couple of shelter sites to get hands on experience!

Being a part of the Heart of Tennessee Red Cross Chapter has been a ton of fun! I can’t thank their team enough for the kindness and compassion they have shown me throughout my time here. The American Red Cross is such a dedicated and awesome organization and I am very fortunate to have had this opportunity to serve my community in this way.

Ukyeye Wilt

Hello! I am a senior at Middle Tennessee State University. My major is Organizational Communication and minor in African American Studies. I am so passionate about non-profits and I hope to be a consultant to them someday. I would love to make a living helping businesses become better and helping them efficiently serve the community.

I wanted to work with the Red Cross because their dedication to their community and the world is so inspiring. I am happy to be able to do a small part in making a big difference.

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