Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Between the Storms

As the Tennessee Volunteer Region of the American Red Cross responds to the devastating tornado in Lincoln County, we are also preparing for another round of storms forecasted for this evening.

Lincoln County

Earlier today, two mobile feeding units left Nashville to provide food and comfort kits containing items such as toothbrushes, deodorant, shaving supplies and other items families affected by the storm may have lost. Eight teams of volunteers are assessing the immediate needs of those affected. Red Cross assistance typically includes temporary shelter, financial assistance for food and replacement clothing, replacement medication, and emotional counseling and support.

Red Cross Volunteers Tom and Rene King depart to assist tornado victims in Lincoln County.

Ways to help Lincoln County

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, you can download our Team App on iTunes or on the Google Play stores.
If you would like to give a financial contribution please visit redcross.org or text Red Cross to 90999 to make a $10 donation.

Get prepared for Round Two

A chance of severe weather is forecast for Tennessee tonight. Many areas of Tennessee could receive severe thunderstorms, flooding, tornadoes and straight line winds.

Get a Kit

Here is a list of things you should have in your kit:

·         Water – 1 gallon per person per day for three days

·         Non-perishable food

·         Flashlight – (never use candles)

·         Radio

·         Cellphone

·         First Aid Kit

·         Multi-purpose tool

·         Medical supplies

·         Sanitary supplies

·         Cash

·         Emergency Blanket

·         Personal documents


Make a Plan

·         Meet with your family and establish a safe place to go in the home. A shelter, basement, cellar or low interior room without windows

·         Discuss emergency plans for home, work and school

·         Know how to turn off utilities including water, power and gas

Be Informed

·         Stay tuned to local media

·         Download Red Cross Apps

 The American Red Cross has people on the ground and will continue to stay involved until all those affected immediate needs are met.

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