Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Get to Know Our New Intern: Kate Krug

As a new face, I’ve been invited to introduce myself to all you lovely people and explain what I’ll be doing for this fine organization. I’ll keep the “me-talk” to a minimum. I’m 23 and a 2011 graduate of Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa. I have a degree in magazines (yes, that’s a thing) and a concentration in art. After being on a health sabbatical for the past year, I am very excited to be back doing what I love the most. I recently joined the team at Nashville Area Red Cross as the Communications Intern. So, hello! I’m excited to get to know everyone.

I’ll be doing a hodgepodge of things in the communications sector with a focus on social media and blogging. Keeping everyone connected and in-the-know is the goal. Hopefully this won’t be the first time you see my name on here.

It’s been amazing for me, a native Midwesterner, to experience this winter from a Southern perspective. The work that the Red Cross and other organizations have been doing during these unprecedented cold and wintery months has been incredible. As someone who has past benefited from the Red Cross, I can say that every single thing that you do matters and is greatly appreciated.

Hope to see some of you around. Keep warm!

-Kate Krug

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